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Monthly Reporting

Please complete and submit the Monthly Report and Time sheet by the 5th of the following month. E.g. June's monthly report is due by July 5th. All report due dates can be found on the calendar.


Monthly Report Survey

CCNH VISTAs fill out a Monthly Report survey so that we can collect data on the work that is being accomplished, otherwise known as Capacity Building Performance Measures (CBPMs). Please be as accurate as possible when filling out your Monthly Report. Most VISTAs find it helpful to create a document in which they log activities as they are completed (you can find an example here).


You should refer to your VAD to know which tasks are worth reporting, but these are a few of the most common:​

  • The number of volunteers that you recruited or managed this month, and the number of hours that they volunteered

  • The amount of cash and in-kind funds you brought in

  • The systems and processes that you created or enhanced (a new page on a website, edits to an existing policy, etc.)

  • Additional activities and outputs (communication tools, manuals, community outreach meetings coordinated, etc.)


Any additional supporting documents such as newsletters, social media posts, standard operating procedure (SOP) materials, etc. will need to be emailed to your VISTA Leader as well.


Basic time sheets need to be filled out each month and sent to your VISTA Leader. You can find the Timesheet Template and an example of what it should look like on our Google Drive.

  • Make sure there is either a time or a code in each of the weekday time slots.

  • You do not need to indicate breaks, lunch, or exact times (rounding to 15 or 30 minute increments is fine).

  • You may include activities required/provided by the VISTA Program (meetings, service days, etc.) as regular hours

  • Timesheets must have original signatures, so please print the sheet, sign it, have your supervisor sign it, and then scan and email the document to your VISTA Leader.

  • If you do not have access to a scanner, you can email a photo or fax the document to your VISTA Leader. Please send an email once it has been faxed so that we know to look for it. The NH Food Bank fax # is 669-0270.