Upcoming Events

Throughout the course of your service year, there are a number of events that occur outside of what happens at your Host Site. Weekly suggested events are shared in the #events channel of the CCNH VISTA Slack team every Monday.




Event Explanations

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VISTA Meetings

VISTA meetings typically take place at the NH Food Bank from 9 AM - 12 PM. Dates can be found in the calendar. This is a time for you to connect with your fellow VISTAs, share successes, discuss challenges, and participate in activities that promote personal and professional development.


View a map of the NH Food Bank, indicating where to park and enter the building.

Service Days

During Service Days, VISTAs and other AmeriCorps programs to come together for a day of direct service. There are many benefits of these days, including:

  • Meeting new people

  • Increasing the visibility of AmeriCorps and the VISTA program

  • Developing community partnerships

  • Making a tangible difference in the community

Throughout your VISTA term with Catholic Charities NH, you will be required to participate in 4 Service Days:

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January)

  • During AmeriCorps Week (March)

  • Mayor's Day of Service and Recognition (April)

  • September 11 Day of Service and Recognition (September)

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Other VISTA Events

VISTA Visibility Day is the first Friday of every month! Wear your VISTA gear and snap a photo to share on social media. You can also send the photo to your VISTA Leader to share and keep on file.

CCNH VISTAs often invite their peers to attend events put on by their host sites. If you need volunteers to help out with an upcoming event, don't forget to ask if any of your fellow VISTAs are available! Past examples include:

  • Volunteering a few hours at the Gate City Brewfest = free admission for the remainder of the event (including access to beer and chicken wings)

  • Helping out at the Spirit of NH Awards = free pizza and a night of celebrating volunteerism

  • See more

Suggested Events

We will periodically suggest optional activities having to do with volunteerism, professional development, or the VISTA lifestyle (budgeting, stress management, etc.), such as:​

  • Cooking Matters at the Store Tour (tips for eating healthy food on a budget & $10 of Hannaford groceries)

  • Ben & Jerry's FREE Cone Day

  • Webinars

  • Career fairs & graduate school fairs

Weekly events summaries are also posted in the #events channel of the CCNH Slack team every Monday. Talk to your VISTA Leader for more information.

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